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Sunset's and Sunrise's

One of the things I really wanted to see were the sunset's. I didn't know I would also be up to see the sunrise's. I thought it would be pretty neat to see a whole open sky and get shot's of it. I live in the suburbs, all I see are houses and trees. I wanted to see all the pretty colors that are associated with sunset's. But as I discovered, to get a real pretty sunset, you need pollution. Hawaii is nice, as they have volcanic ash in the air. As ocean were clean (above the ocean anyway), the sunset's were orange and yellow.

I have many shots, most taken with a Cokin Resin .6 graduated neutral density filter. I found this filter worked well for sunset's and the like, mostly because it takes so long to put on. I could only do it in my room. With the filter, I was able to expose the sky properly, without losing too much information on the ground. For the record, these pictures are my first real attempts in sunset photography.

The Moon and Venus

I couldn't shrink this picture and smaller then this, I would have lost Venus. This is above Barbados. The Moon and Venus in view.

Cloud Scape

You can get some nice color and cloudscape's. I shot the camera at a faster then normal speed to get the detail around the clouds. It would be washed out otherwise.

Distant Lands

"Distant Lands" - Complete with orange reflections on the water.

Sunrise with some land

A little sun a little land, a touch of blue.

I see land!

"I see land!" - A tight zoom shows me just the orange.


"Radiating" - The sun bursting to get out.

Sun Rising

Sun Rising.

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