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Our Room

It was so very hard to get information about our room. This page will explore our room, so detailed, you would think you were here with me.

Our room was 9526 - Deck 9, with a balcony. Superior Ocean View, that's what it's called. Basically smaller, but with a better view. The view really wasn't that great. I could see the bridge better. But I could also see the rooms below me, as they stick out.

I've heard that this room is quite large, someone mentioned this somewhere. I would love to know what they were comparing it too. I would have to compare this room to about the size of a jail cell, minus the toilet in the middle of the room. The room is actually pretty small, and even smaller when there are 3 adults in the room.

The balcony was the width of the room, and about 3 feet wide. 2 chairs and a table. The floor is an astro-turf material, about 80grit. The walls are glass and stripped - floor to ceiling. The railing is wood. It's always sticky out here due to salt, yeah even from way up here you will get spray. The door is very heavy, triple glazed. Sound proof. Open the door and it's like pressing your ear to a flushing toilet. Close it, and it's a gentle stream in a secluded meadow. Toilet, meadow, toilet, meadow, Mike stop it with that door!

The air conditioning works very well. On formal nights it will be cooler in all the rooms. As they increase flow or the coolness. When the AC is on, the dining room is quite cool, people who wear dresses, will be cold. In the room however, the air comes down through a baffle on the ceiling. A large square shape, where you don't feel an actual breeze. You get your own thermostat. Cold to hot, as this goes to cold destinations.

I have a ton of pictures here, it will be in a narration style - this page is pretty big it may take time to fully download:

Towel Animals

Towel Frog

Towel Elephant

Towel Dog

Towel Monkey

They starting giving us the towel animals in the middle of the week. I was a bit disappointed to only have this many. The top one is a Frog, then an Elephant, We think this is a Dog of some kind, and the Towel Monkey. At this time you should get a mint for your pillow (though I think they ran out mid trip), and the Cruise Compass for the next day.


Naturally the bathroom is the second most important part of the room. It is very small in here. 4 feet from the wall to the door, 5 feet from the mirror to the back of the shower. BEWARE - EPILEPTICS OR ANYONE SENSITVE TO BLINKING LIGHTS. THE BATHROOM HAS A VERY SLOW START BULB AND IT FLICKERS FOR ABOUT 10 SECONDS. We had to keep the door closed and look the other way for it to turn on. The switch is outside the door. The door holds itself open. And the bathroom is about 4" higher then the rest of the room, so don't trip. In the ceiling is mounted a very strong fan, for exhaust. It works pretty well, but you might want to bring your own spray.

Bathroom Sink

This is the bathroom sink, cute isn't it. It is about 10" wide or so at it's largest diameter. The faucet is offset. The temperature of the water is HOT and WARM. There is no cold at all, it simply get's warmer as it stays on. The first burst is cool, then it's hot again. The water quality - TERRIBLE. Chlorine, warm, and a bit salty. It was like drinking public pool water: warm, full of chlorine, with a hint of pee. It was really that bad. I wish I had a water filter of some kind to clean it up a bit. The water actually dehydrate's you.

The far corner of the mirror is a medicine cabinet, go here when all of your counter stuff is gone. The room attendant touches and moves all of your stuff and puts it all in here. The mirrors are distracting, I don't want to see that much of me when I go to sit on the toilet. When the cabinet is open, it's mirrored on that side as well.


Ahh, the toilet what would we do without you? Well I suppose there is the porch... Well anyway, this is the toilet. No tank, and very powerful. I remember reading that on a review about the Voyager of the Seas, kids have been sucked to the rim. This is a very powerful commode. The button that makes it flush is behind the lid. So you have to get off and close the lid. Push the button all the way in, it won't flush right if you don't. And WHOOSH, everything is magically gone. I stood near it, and the pressure literally pulled my leg in a bit, and I could certainly feel a rush of air go by me. The unit sucks the stuff in, and then a burst of water helps it to swallow. The height is pretty good, I didn't feel like I was going to fall in, but it could have been a little taller. The towel rack is very secure, and can be used as a grab bar (which is very, very, good). For whatever reason there is a toilet brush here as well. Why is there a toilet brush? do they think I will clean my own toilet?

Above the Toilet

Above the toilet are the towel racks. If you want new towels you MUST throw the old one on the floor. Otherwise they will hang it back on the rack. There are enough towels for all. Beach towels are on the couch outside of the bathroom, mostly because there is no space in the bathroom for them.


The shower I have mixed feelings on. The total size is no more then 2 feet in any direction, and that's being generous. I had to stand in the room against the closet to get these photo's. The shower hardware is great. Chrome plated, temperature control check. You can adjust the temperature in Celsius only, it has an anti-scalding device, but you can go beyond the safety if you want to. The other side (the round knobs on the ends where the hose comes out, is the pressure valve. Very low pressure. The head is about 4" wide, uses pee holes to shoot water on you, the pressure as I said, low. The shower head is adjustable in height, travels about 18". and it comes off the wall as well.

There is a grab bar to keep you steady. A shelf for soap and stuff. But no place to steady your other side, and it's very easy to lose your balance when this is boat is in motion. The curtain has to be pulled all the way around, or the bathroom half will be soaked. There is a drain on both sides, the floor is sand blasted tile, it's impossible to slip on this. There is a shampoo container on the wall, Shampoo and conditioner in one. A clear blue liquid, navy blue, no perfume, didn't use it, didn't want to chance being allergic to it. We brought our own.

Above you in the shower is a small retractable clothes line. Clothes don't dry well in the shower. Hang them in the closet.

Razor Port

This is the razor port. I don't know what it is either, assuringly it has something to do with a razor. I'm showing it here because someone might want to know. I can't tell if it's a standard plug though. It looks standard. It's behind a little plastic door above the mirror. It is the only outlet in the bathroom that I know of.

Toilet Paper

Look! Toilet paper! Standardly you get 2 rolls of 2 ply. The dispenser makes sure that the flap is hanging over (the proper way). Under the counter there's a few bags for female things. That plastic bucket is the garbage can. Remember where it is - though gross, it makes a great vomit bucket.

Drinking Glasses

These are some of the drinking glasses. I think there are either 5 or 6 total. They are real glass. Each one has a cozy on the top to keep it clean, provided nothing was on the cozy.

The Room

Room - Left Half

This is what the room looks like when the bunk is closed. That door in the ceiling is keyed with some kind of recessed square key. Only the attendant is allowed to lower it. Further, it's always closed, so everyone get's to rest except me, I had to sit. Our luggage measures 20"w x 15"t x 30"l. We managed to find places for the luggage. As we don't like unpacking. My mother's was pressed up against the sliding door.

Room - Right Half

Mine was at the end of the bed. Up against our door to the next room. The bed is rounded at the end, it's good because you will trip over a square one. It's good because a fish eye lens distorts everything and it makes the room look larger then it really is. It's bad because if your tall you'll hang off the end.

The TV was about 17" across though I didn't actually measure it. You have about 20 channels. CNN is the only live one. Discovery played the same pyramid episode non stop for the whole trip. The excursion channel showed what you could do the next day. The shopping channel told you what was on sale aboard and on land. They also had a neat show on how a certain type of watch was made. There was the channel played the "show that was on last night in the Aurora", Some of it was pretty bad, I'm glad I didn't go. They showed a comedian, who was so bad, it looked like he was talking to himself, and not even he was laughing. No one laughed - at all, I thought it was an empty room, but other shows people were laughing. They had a GPS channel showing where we were, speed, etc, along with a few mapping problems (such as we were never as close to south america as the map claimed we were). There was a movie channel, shown in english, german, french, spanish, and italian. Pay per view movies. And I think dirty movies as well, $10 bucks a pop, it won't be listed on your bill (as that), so they say. The TV has no video inputs.

Tiny Ice Bucket

What a cute little ice bucket. It holds 25 ice cubes. The ice is made a different circuit then the rest of the water, it didn't have the same taste. You can't get your own ice. It's in a stainless steel room, behind a locked stainless steel door. The bucket is insulated, but it melts just as fast. More glasses, everything on a silver tray, complete with tongs. The switch is for the vanity lights. The other two outlets are for the hair drier. The hair drier is in the drawer, they say if you like, you can buy one for $20. It's worth no more then $10. It has a European kind of plug on the end.

2 Outlets

Outlets are important. You get 2. There were 4 network outlets though. There's enough space for a good size transformer. Bring an outlet strip, it comes in handy.

Main Closet

This is the main closet. Big enough to jam all 3 suitcases in. Racks and hangers, don't put anything heavy on the white racks inside. They will break. I think it's meant for the life jackets.

Skinny Closet

Cute skinny closet. We jammed our life jackets in it. Good for shoes, and anything that will fit on a small angled shelf.

What a tiny desk. A semi comfortable chair is provided. The garbage can is right in that open nook under the chair. There are mirrors on 3 sides, and 1 behind. You can see the back of your own head, and your profile at the same time. Not pretty consider how much you may have eaten.

Bed - Max Weight

This is important, I couldn't find this info anywhere else. This is the max weight in kilograms for the bed. Don't be a hero, don't get up there if you're too heavy, don't crush the people below you. The bed is positioned in such a way that it will cut the people below you, in half.

Bed Open

This is the bed open. All the blankets, by the way, are Vellux, Fuzzy brown material (like a toy would have). The blankets and sheets are weaved together, and deeply shoved under the mattress. It's very hard to remove. The bed has enough head room when you sit up. The rear surface (the wall the bed is attached to, has a matte finish. This was something I needed to know. I was hoping for a smooth surface so I could use suction cups to hang my stuff. Suction cups don't stick to this at all

You see, there is no shelf up there for water, glasses, etc. I knew to plan in advance and come up with at least 2 methods for hanging my bag. The bed has a 3/4" ledge over hang, you can't hang anything it, but you can use it to scoot to the end of the bed. There is a light at the end of the bed closest to the window. But it should be moved forward a bit, because that's where my hand is, it's hard to turn off when I want to sleep.

They provide you with 2 pillows each. Soft, and not that uncomfortable. The mattress for ALL of the beds is about 5" of foam. None of us had back trouble. It makes sense though to have that. As it doesn't bounce, the boat moves a lot, the springs would make it worse.

The ladder is terrible. It's on the foot of the bed, and it's quite a journey to get there. Getting up there, hurts bare feet, rough and fluted, and narrow (about the diameter of a hammer handle). Getting down is a challenge in it's own, the sofa is at the base, place a shoe nearby, and, well, you'll be hurting. Have a small flash light for bathroom emergencies.

Room - Full view Back

This is the whole room. I took this at about bathroom level, 37mm wide. The room is not that big. The photo just makes it look that way.

Bed Further

I used a Camelbak bag for my water and storage. If you fill the bottle with that terrible water and let it sit for a day or two, it tastes ok, it cools down from the AC, and settles a bit. Or you can fill the water at the Wind Jammer. The bag had my flashlight, tissues, Tums, and a few other things.

Attaching something to the bed

This was the back up plan, bring a hook in case there was something to hang it on. There is a hydraulic arm on the bed. And I was able to hang the bag off of that.

Love Seat - Filled to Capacity

This is the love seat. Smaller then a couch by one cushion. Makes a dandy shelf. The ladder is up against the sofa. You have maybe as much as 2" to get down off the ladder. It would be a lot better if this was a cabinet. It would provide more space for luggage and the like, and would be far more useful then it is now.

The Refrigerator

This is something I've been wanting to see for a long time now. There is a fridge in the room. Inside is soda and other drinkable's. It's there to trick you into thinking it's free, as many people don't read signs.

Fridge with Soda

This is what your greeted with. A floor level box full of soda, water, and I guess if you had kids, candy in the door. Many people are fooled by this, grab, drink, done. Note that more soda is in front of the Sprite, like the Diet Coke, move it and buy both.

Fridge Rules

The label in the door should be pretty clear. Not only do you pay for the drink, you also pay gratuity for it as well.

Fridge Switches

We had the room attendant remove the soda. He actually stuck it and left it in the closet. But we didn't want to take a chance drinking it. The switches are super sensitive. A pad under the soda, wand's for the water. A fly can set them off.

Fridge Door

This is the door to it. Sized for candy bars, a whole bunch of them. I think you have about 4mm of travel before the switch is tripped. The fridge locks itself on the last day. There is a locking mechanism of some kind inside. The unit is secured very well to the cabinet. This unit does not keep things cold. Not even the soda that was inside it, that was warm too. It's a fully electronic unit, no condenser.

The Safe

The safe is big enough for a large cat. You can easily place most stuff in the safe.

Safe with film can in it

The safe with a film can inside.

Safe with toilet paper in it

The safe with toilet paper inside. Now no one can take it, it's mine, all mine! You could fit about 8 rolls in here, the door about 2" thick, I don't know how much displacement there is when closed. But you should be able to fit a lot inside.

Safe Instructions

The instructions: Basically, punch in your number, remember it, hit pound. When locked, repeat sequence to unlock.


There was a book of rules. I took pictures and shrunk them. They are readable, but it take a bit to be able to read it. This was the first time I read it as well.









Escape Route

Escape route if wanted to know what it looks like.

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