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The Ship

This page is mostly to show you the exterior of the boat. Tenders, life boats and other things you may be wondering about.

Boat - St. Thomas

From far away, this was taken in St. Thomas.

Boat St. Thomas

Still St. Thomas. Different angle and higher up.

Boat - St. Johns

Parked in a great little harbor, Good for photo's of small boats. This is St. Johns. We docked next to the Club Med 2. It wasn't till now that we figured out that it was a face on that thing. Our boat is the one on the left side.

Trucks unloading

In the back you can see trucks ready to unload. You can see the work boat and life boats here as well. For scale reference: The bottom most windows are 12" wide. The upper windows with 3 pieces of glass, is the main dining room, and those are about 6'in diameter.

Tenders come out

In St Martin, they required tenders. We had a pretty good view of them being lowered in the water. They slide them out, lower down, now they are ready. Takes very little time dropping them in the water. Inside the tenders are actually pretty large inside. I think they said the capacity is 120 for tender, 150 as a life boat, could be more though. There are seats that remained in a folded position. I assume those are used in an emergency situation.

Tender ready to go back in

At the end of the day, the tenders go back. Right now the boat is actually moving. One tender goes at a time. They raise one almost all the way, then the other. Then both together, then they slide them home.

Back of life boat

I wish I had a scale point, but it's pretty big. The pipe above it, that small one is about 8-10" in diameter (waste pipe I think). This is a life boat by the way.

Giant crane in Barbados

Barbados was cool. Instead of a shanty town we parked next to a freight area. Train cars and a huge crane. The crane is taller then the boat. Pretty neat stuff. This area really shows the boat's hugeness. Water has no scale, and it's impossible to figure out how high you are. These train cars put it back into perspective.

Huge Crane

A better shot of that crane. See the tiny steps?

First day sunset

San Juan, Getting back to the boat. Sun Setting, Pretty cool. I'd say that upper rail is about 4 feet high.

Ship Abstract

"Ship Abstract" - Setting sun, Tied ropes. And a shadow of the terminal hall roof on the side.

Docked at St. Thomas

We're kind of skipping around now. This is St. Thomas. A grand view of it.

Thrusters on Full

The thrusters on full. The boat orient's itself for tendering in St. Martin. This is what it looks like when it's at full blast. It really kicks up the silt. Note the people below. This the view from our balcony. The great view is mostly of the front, as there is no wall in the way. But below the rooms stick out. So for us, we see that. For them, well, they can't stand naked up against the rail.

Deck 13 - Tiny people

Deck 13 is the highest you can get to see from. This is Barbados. I had time afterwards, and felt well enough to force myself to get some of these shots. This is a 50mm view. 50mm is roughly the same equivalent as the vision of the human eye. This is what it would look like if you actually looked down. Their boarding people right now. The bus is about 3/4 the size of a city bus. Some of the cars are mini cars, so don't use them for scale. The Van is a normal size, that's ok to use.

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