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The Centrum

I would not say that the Centrum is the most important part of the ship. It's certainly the tallest and has the most open space. It contains the customer relations desk, Purser, and a few other things. You can find a large map of the place on the counter and today's cruise compass. This is where the formal night picture with the captain takes place. The captain didn't want to get the Norwalk virus, he told us via speaker that he wasn't going to shake anyone's hand. He thinks that's how it spreads - when in reality it's probably the door knobs and walls that people touch. He was so alone. No one came to even say hi, what was the point of showing up if you couldn't touch him. Everyone poses on those green stairs. It's very busy on those nights.

At night there's always a singer of some kind playing a slow song. There's limited dance space there, but I saw some dancing. And of course there is a bar here as well. All bars are closed in the day, if we are at an island. It encourages you to get off the boat and buy stuff.

Every level has an area to look down on the Centrum. On Deck 13 there is a window in the floor (12" above the floor actually), you can look down from. There are also suspended cat walks of sorts that you can peer down from.

The center of the Centrum, has these large spoked wheel like things. They serve no purpose, don't go with the theme at all, and are to me, an eye sore. When the boat moves you can watch it sway.

The elevators are transparent on all sides, including the top. The floors are solid. Each elevator has a name plate in the floor marking the day. They all talk, and speak the floor number. The elevators are very fast, and very smooth. I don't like elevators in general, but these were very smooth, the best I've ever been in. You can see the gut's of the elevator from any floor. Depending which bank you take, you can either fly over the ocean, or soar above the Centrum.

Centrum Center

This is pretty much the entire Centrum. Seats and tables, and that giant star in the middle. Those stars are everywhere They're like hidden Mickey's, Disney world places Mickey mouse's head all over the part. This compass shows up everywhere. Try counting them all if you're bored.

Centrum Stairs

That's the glass green stair case, all dolled up for Christmas.

Stairs from the top

Have you ever tried walking down a set of escalator stairs? They have these shiny silver stripes, it's almost hypnotic trying to walk down it. This is the same. They have a circular grid under the 3 layer glass sandwich. Very distracting to walk down, especially when the boat sway's.


This is the area where they play the music in.

Sculpture at night

At night, they turn on little pin points of light. The thing in the middle is the art they hang from the ceiling. Above that, is a small circle window. It's about 6-7 feet in diameter.

Looking down from deck 13

This is the view from that window I pointed out to you. The camera is pushed up against the glass here. Longish exposure. From this point of view, I'm guessing that art thing is a sail sculpture, but I could be wrong.

Curves and waves

"Curves & Waves" - The ceilings of all the floors are covered in wood, lights and mirror. So when you look up there's always a pattern to see.


This is another one of those way up views. Each level overlaps the next to soften the view.


One of the elevators at rest. Very open isn't it? To the left is a waterfall illusion, beads of water draped over cords of plastic rod. Above it are Orchids, I never looked really close to it to see if it's real or not.

Across elevator

You can see another elevator waiting, plus the open hallways.


Oh, I'm so thirsty! Hey off in the horizon - it's another bar. Thank god for alcohol. It can be found everywhere.


A colorful display drinks to tempt you. Most likely plastic as they are always there.


At night they light the area up in rotating lights - purple, blue, red. This is that wheel thing lit up.


This is a better view of that thing.


I suppose the good thing about that space in the middle, when the lights shine through it, it makes cool patterns on the wall.


The tables here are nicer with a lighter touch. Basic wood working, with a sand blasted top.

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