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Miscellaneous Locations

Everything that was too out of place goes here. Different areas that weren't big enough for a page of they're own.

The Men's Room

This was the finest of all men's rooms I've ever had a perchance to pee in. The china was the usual stuff, but I was impressed by the details.

Men's room door

What a nice door to invite your in.

Men's room mirror

Isn't that a nice mirror? The sinks match, they stick out. They have the same cold/warm water problem as well. And I think the hand soap is the same they use in the showers.

Privacy divide

This is what inspired me to these pictures in the first place. I was determined to get a shot of at least this wall. This, for the ladies, is the privacy divide between urinal's. Normally made out of stainless, covered in graffiti, scratched with a key (the preferred method). This was a nice change, Granite inlay and Stainless. It might be a veneer, but it was there on both sides. That was the coolest thing I've seen in some time. I know how sad that sounds, but when it comes to bathrooms, it's something you don't see too often. The stalls were made of oak.

Elevator sign

Elevator sign

Every floor had a set of these. The top one were for the indoor elevators. The boat shaped one was for the glass elevators. The boat shaped one had buttons of its own. They both show location.

Elevator door

elevators over water

All the doors were presented with a pattern of some kind. And each floor had it's own floor number design. Some did repeat, I'm not sure if there was a direct pattern due to location. Below a door to no where, all you can see is ocean.

Workout Room





It wasn't until I tripped over it, until I found the workout room. I never really looked for it inside. I'm not even sure how to get to it inside. I just shot it from the dark from the outside. I don't know what most of that stuff was.

Galaxy pinwheel

Galaxy pinwheel close

This is the Galaxy bar's galaxy cluster. Made up of lot's of tiny multi facet crystals. The camera doesn't pick up how nice this really looks.

Alien Encounters

"Alien Encounters" - Of all the bars this was my favorite one. This opens later at night and becomes a dance club. As I understand it, the bar rotates. I like the colors mixed with chrome. The tables are made of glass, and as a side point, make a dandy tripod.

The Conference Room

Conference room detail

Conference room desk

Technically I was never in the main part of this room. But this is a floor detail shot, and the desk. I imagine that the room looks just as nice.

Under tenders

Life boats

This is right under the life boats and tenders. The propeller you see in there, is at least 12" in diameter. I'm not sure what they do with that little hoist.

Life Saver

A life saver in case you were hungry

Life vest box

You'll find these boxes scattered all around. Your not running back to the room when the boat is sinking. These are on a lot of decks, kid and adult sizes.

Deck 5 outside stairs

This leads to the main deck, at the very front of the boat. There are 2 doors leading there, outside and inside. The inside one is for personnel only. They will be shot if they allow a common person there. It is for them only. You have to go outside to get there.

Windy main deck

This is the front half of the boat. The very front. Don't wear a hat, or loose clothing. It is VERY windy up here. We were going at 10 knots, the boat can pull 25 knots. It was like standing in a wind tunnel. I felt like I was going to be blown down. Don't do stupid things here - The bridge has a great view of this spot.

Blue water window

I just really liked this shot. I have a really boring movie at home to go with it. There is no scale here, but we are pretty high up. I just loved that tone of blue. That is what the ocean looks like out here, it really is that blue!.

No Idea

Your guess is as good as mine. It is an exit sign, yet, it's kind of confusing as to what it exactly means.

Art and Photo Gallery

This is the art gallery and photo gallery. The walls fold in. They open the photo section at certain times, and when there are more pictures they open it most of the time. Otherwise there are closing hours, as you can walk through here any time. I think it's open til 11:00pm. The photo's the photographer takes are all quite bad. One island, you couldn't tell where I was, all you could see was the light pole growing from the top of my head. Very basic mistakes and they sell these to you for $10 a print. 6x8" or so is the size. They give you no cardboard, so bring your own just in case. We happen to have a note book to put it in.

The photo's are really bad though. They take one shot and that's it. Hair in the face (one lady looks like she's was being attacked by snakes). Another eyes closed, squinted, etc. Shirt hanging out, fly open, looking in some other direction. If they took that second shot, they would make more money, people rather have good pictures of themselves - so they buy more.

Computer center

Computer center

This is the computer center. It isn't cheap to read your e-mail. I never did get the price though. You swipe your card in the keyboard. Each machine has speakers, and a web cam. There is a printer available as well.

Hair Salon

Hair salon if your interested.

Robot Window Washer

I wish I could see this in action. This is a robot window washer. Something was cleaning the boat when we came. But I thought it was a person and closed the curtain. There is a track outside certain parts of the boat, and it follows it. It sit's outside the hair salon.


One book I saw was "Studying for your MRE". This was used to reserve a chair. So the library does serve a use.


Casino Hours



I never went into the Casino. Certain family members were there. But I rather keep my money. Kid's aren't allowed in.

Hollywood Odyssey

hollywood sign



hollywood stage

Another Bar/club at the top of the boat. A small stage for performances. A small cozy atmosphere.


The whole day Barbados always had a rainbow somewhere in the sky. It was drizzly the whole day. This was one of many shot's I took of this that day.

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