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Solarium - Inside Pool

This is the better pool to go into. Except for the fact that the chairs are always reserved. Something on each chair even though there is only 5 people in the room. It's still the best, because it's almost always empty.

The morning is the best time to soak in the hot tub. 15 minutes is the amount you should be in here. There is a pop up timer in the rim of the tub, like a turkey has. The bubbles will inflate bathing suits so beware. It's hard to sit down, because the bubbles push you back up. The hot tub uses fresh, not salty, water. But they use a ton of chlorine. They recommend a quick rinse in the shower before and after using the tub or pool. The tub should hold about 6 people. Or about 8-10 if they just put their feet in it. The temperature is quite warm, and you will over heat if you stay in too long. Be prepared for the shock of gravity when you get out - I always forget that feeling.

This room has an african theme to it. It can be used when it's raining or not. The roof opens and closes. At night it's usually closed. They have a little bridge that climbs over the back of the pool. Large plaster elephant heads, bigger then real life adorn the back wall. I didn't see it until I was in the tub, but there are little monkeys opposite the tub. All of them make faces at you. I totally forgot to get pictures of them.

In the day time, they pipe in bird sounds. At night, cricket sounds. There is no bar here, but there is a small place in the corner, to get yourself some cookies, pizza, and I think water and juice. But it's mostly a small bakery.

The chairs here look the nicest. Done in a Tiki style, mat's with wood frames and wheels. The room is always humid and warm. At night there is a breeze that comes in through windows on the side that can open.


There is a few themed items in here, including this guy, just chillin' pool side. Notice the careful placement of the censor bars placed in the background.


Big giant elephant heads. As interesting as they are, they are also really tacky. If this were the Disney cruise, I bet they would sing too.


A statue of an eagle waits silently for a statue of a mouse.

Artwork inside

Isn't this neat? These guys are actually hidden under one of the roof's. I think it's the best part to the whole room.

Artwork inside

Artwork inside

These guy's greet you when you first come in. Wall art.

Inside pool detail

At the end of the rails they keep the elephant motif going.

Inside pool

Examples of the tables, chairs, and plants that are found here.

Inside pool

This is the shower

Pool Rules

Pool Rules, and the pool.

Roof Open

Pool, Wading area, and note the roof is open in this.

Eating Place

This is the place you can get the free grub. I think you can also get a hot dog here as well. Basically it's a really cheap Wind Jammer.

Inside Night

Like in the Centrum, They bathe everything with a purple light. Color always changes. I used a mini pod to get the shot, I was too low to judge for angle, so it's vastly crooked. This is what it will look like when your passed out drunk on the floor.

Inside Night

Puking lion heads.

Inside Night

Elephant head closer. Note the roof is closed.

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