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Day 3 - Antigua - St. Johns

St. Johns, pretty much looks like the other islands. In fact, I have a hard time telling any of these islands apart, I need the card we used for the luggage to know where I am. All the islands have the same thing in common. Colorful houses, telephone wires in the way, cars in the way, and they are all poor, or are perceived to be poor.

Again there is a nice harbor where the boat docks. It looks like a fishing village to me. The waters in the bay are a greenish color. The boat does dock, it's pretty easy getting on and off the boat.

When you get out you may hear music. There was a live steel drum band outside the boat. Donation's are of course wanted.

Be prepared, when you come back, there is a separate check point besides the one on the boat. It's a simple metal detector. Bag's are passed around, and it's only going back to the boat, not leaving. Very important to know, because you might be on line at the end of the day, and your watching the boat sail away. At the end of the day, there were very long lines.


The coast line as we approach.

Sunrise over St. John

From the room the sun rises. You can see the flying bridge from this spot.


Towards the rear of the boat. Of where we just were.

Old Boat

Passed this old boat abandoned in the water as we approached.


An Overview of a small marina.

Tiny Cars

A few small houses. The scale can be seen by finding the small cars on the road.

We're getting closer to land now, this is the aft view. You can see that little rusty boat at the bottom.

Sunrise next door

Sunrise the marina. There are quite a few docks here. Later a Club Med 2 boat docks alongside us.

Club Med 2 comes in

Here is that Club Med 2 boat I was referring too. We were shooting, then out of no where this giant boat comes.

Club Med 2 leaves

Same boat, but at the end of the day. Sun is setting, they lowered the sails. Music is playing. Sounds like a good time. The music was loud, it must have been unbearable onboard.

Old Fishing Boat

"Old Fishing Boat" - The water was a green color, the silt on the bottom is a white color, making it even stranger looking.


"Looming" - The sunrise's over the tiny town. A few tricks in Photoshop, and now it looks more like a big storm. But it is how I saw it.

One single cloud

"One single Cloud" - One large looming cloud.

House and hills

Hills and Houses

Typical Houses

A cluster of what typical houses look like.

Dock Sunrise

Dock later in day

Sunrise, and slighty later, the dock and it's buildings.

Waiting for the bus

"Waiting for the Bus" - A lot of buildings looked closed here as well. The sidewalks are in terrible shape, but at least there are sidewalks. A few of the native people standing around and chatting.

Closed houses

Pretty house, It's the end view of the house above. It's covered in wire shadows.

Tall green building

This building is a chinese food restaurant.

Yellow house

I've seen so many pictures of this house. It always look like this. Why? Because there are always cars in the way. No break was ever made in the traffic.

Orange House

If you wait long enough their are some interesting houses here. I did not wait long enough.

Typical Town

This is a typical town shot. Red round mailbox. Cars, wire, the sidewalks are are good here.

Junk House

Check out this one! You can see the typical sidewalks we had to walk on. Non existent in some areas. This house was a wreck.

Outside Boat

This is the band that you see when you get out.

St. Johns approved taxi fairs

If it helps this is a list of approved fares.

Glowing Beauty

"Glowing Beauty" - A native flower of the area.

St. Michael's Cathedral

This is St. Michael's church. A graveyard is in front.

St. Michael's Cathedral inside

They never said we couldn't take pictures, but I didn't want to use a flash. As they had me take off my hat while inside. I did the best I could with what I had.

St. Michael's Cathedral statue

St. Michael - The statue

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