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Day 3 - St. Johns - Nelson's Dockyard

We met up with our guide, we drove to the dockyard (in a van). He was better then the other guides. He tended to repeat things over and over (which is good, as he had a strong accent), he talked more about the people then the condo's that are for sale. He mentioned casino's like the other's did, but he was the most interesting. He talked about how if you stayed here long enough you would see egret's and cows living together. Egret's ride the back of cows here, and eat flies. I didn't see that, but I did see a whole lawn covered in Egret's. I wish I had the camera ready, because even in a moving vehicle that was worth a shot. It looked like plastic flamingo's, but these were real and just hanging out. Must have been 30 of them, and more landing.

He spoke of how they had something called Goat Water. A goat broth used on special occasions. A wedding would be one such event. People won't leave the house unless they had their goat water. He repeated goat water so much, that I still remember him saying it. He has an accent, and at least knew enough to repeat it a few times, as annoying as it was.

He says, though it is the tropics, there is very little rain here. They collect rain in huge plastic over ground tanks. I saw them selling such tanks in town. They look like septic tanks. The tanks are attached to the gutter systems. When it does rain, it pours. The dockyard, had gutters that were a foot wide.

They gave us a total of about an hour here at Nelson's Dockyard. A person spoke for about 15 minutes. We wandered taking pictures while she spoke. I personally don't care what they did here. But my father paid attention. The navy used this area to clean the barnacle's off the boat bottoms. They would literally flip the boat on it's side to scrape off the barnacle's. Today it's an active port, but mostly for hobbyists and tourists. The buildings are old, the businesses in them is new.

An hour is the right amount of time to take photo's here. If you want to shop in the store as well, then there isn't enough time.

Brother and sister

"Brother and sister" - This is the typical view we saw in every picture we looked at. This is what it looks like there.


This building leads to a gift shop I think.


Those poles again. The tree could look better, this is the unedited version.


There's only so many views of this.


Just another view.

Palm Tree

A few palm tree's and a boat.

Eating Place

Leading to a restaurant.

A Fine day to Sail



Always some boats to look at.

Eating place

There's a cute active phone book there.



Of what I've seen this looks most like an old village. It's a fully working sail rigging company.

Cat against a brick wall

"Cat against a Brick wall" - There is a small cat here. An old lady takes care of it.

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