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Day 3 - St. Johns - Shirley Heights

We stopped at two places after Nelson's Dockyard's. One was a view of some land and mostly water. The other Shirley heights, where you get your free drink.

The first place is VERY DANGEROUS. To start with it's very windy, I had to take off my hat. Which was a pain, because the sun was blinding. Second I had to hold onto my glasses as well. But here's the killer. You'll see in the pictures, that there are posts coming out of the ground. This is to prevent cars from falling off. But there are no rails. If you have a kid, that kid is going over, and it's a very long way down.

We stayed here for about 10mins. We got back into the van and drove down the road a little to Shirley Heights, the real one (as I thought this place was it). This one has a small building; the bar. There is a table to buy junk jewelry, in which the local's pester you to buy something. There is a bathroom here, but you have to go down a set of steps outside.

The view is like any other. If you look carefully when your there, you should be able to see Nelson's Dockyard. I have a close up of it, in case you don't see it.

After your done, you hand in the card for the free drink. Fruit punch and rum (watered down a bit), ginger ale, or water. I went for ginger ale, it's made with real ginger, or at least tasted and burned like it did. You get one glass. The inside of the building is quaint.

When you leave remember to look for the aloe plants, kids sign their names into it.

Except for a few areas on this trip, I think it is wheelchair accessible. Shirley heights you would have a problem with, due to thick cobble stone. But I think the rest is doable. Getting in the van may be tricky, as I had a hard time, and I'm able bodied.

Hold on to your kid

Totally Open

This is what you see when you get there. Large expanses just left open. Each tower is about 4.5ft high. The openings are quite large. They say at night they have parties here. I wonder how many accident's there are.



Rocky Coast Below

The top picture, I so totally forgot about the limited DOF on the camera, this is hand blurred. Mostly these shot's are to show you how high we are. And what it might feel like if you were to fall off. Without that blur there, it would simply look like dirt. There wasn't enough time here to think creatively.

Land and water

Distant Lands

Private Area

There are little houses off in the distance


"Lopsided" - If I had thought about it, this would have made a great Infrared shot. I had the filter, and I might have had the time. But all this rushing around, I totally forgot about it. The tree's are all wind blown. That is the direction it blows in. There are some old cannons laying around. You may see wild goats as well.

My New Hat

"My new hat" - This is at Shirley heights. A cute little cactus. I cloned out a rock for clarity.


St. Johns Harbor

Open Vista

This is the view from Shirley Heights. This was the bay we looked into from Nelson's.

Nelson's Dockyard

This is Nelson's Dockyard, full zoom. You can get a pretty good idea of the layout. Those pillars are towards the back.

Bay in St. Johns

Another view of the same bay, that's an aloe plant in the front.


"Sunning" - I caught this little guy resting. He was scared up there because my camera.

Table for Two

"Table for Two" - This is the inside of the bar. A quiet little place. Tables setup, even a piano if I remember correctly.


This is the front of the bar. The back is nicer, due to cobblestone. I didn't get a chance to do the back, as the bus was ready to leave.

Your Ad Here

"Your Ad Here!" - I suppose it's better then carving it into walls and trees. Almost all the aloe here initialed.

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