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Day 4 - St. Martin - Marigot

Finally the end of the trip brings us to Marigot. This is the French half. Interesting note, if you live on the Dutch side, and call the French side, you will be charged long distance. But if you live in the French side and call France, it's a local call. Marigot only has restaurants. 300 of them in fact, 500 total on the island. St. Martin has no industry, they rely 100% on tourism. This is why he's always talking business on the tour.

We passed some really nice houses. Every house on the block, was not only where they lived, but was also a place to eat. Dozen's of them. Each had it's own charm, a great place for photo's, I thought to myself as we drove right passed them. We never saw them again.

We finally got to Marigot. Here's the funny part - he encourages you to shop - yet states that we only have 30 minutes here. What am I supposed to do in 30 minutes? 5 minutes to freshen up, 20 minutes we were able to walk 1 full block. I don't think you can both look at and buy something in that town. It was more like a sampler.

Marigot, in a word, is a dump. Buildings closed, boarded up, messy. A few nice areas, but a lot more that are not nice. I took the pictures I could, but it is not a nice place. I don't know why all the tours stop in this place.

Once finished we all got back into the bus. He started driving back, started on with the speech of what is for sale or has been sold. It's getting late, and he's driving slow. He asked, "so when does your boat leave?" WHAT! You don't know? I thought he was supposed to get us back on time. People are all yelling we leave at 5:30 step on it. No that isn't right, because the LAST tender is at 5:00pm. He was still moving at a snails pace. When we got back to the border on the other side of the island, he moved really slowly, like I really wanted to see a big post in the ground.

He took a short cut, a car nearly ran into the bus later on in the trip, missed by a few inches. That would have really slowed us down. Finally we get there, he parks in the middle of town, and you have to remember how to get back. When we left, someone guided us through this unknown town in a maze like fashion. Now you have to find your way back, I know I would have gotten lost. We hustled, we made the LAST tender. There may have been more, but it was hard to tell because of all the other boats, that also had tenders.

According to the news groups, the boat will not leave, provided that you booked it through them. I don't know if that was true. Because he didn't even know when out boat left, or anything about the tenders. Yet he did know how many boats are out on what days.

So all in all, I didn't like this driver at all. The tour he gave was boring. He couldn't help the timing of each excursion, so I don't blame him for that. Not knowing when the tenders left bothered me a bit. But he was an excellent bus driver. He did some amazing stuff with that big bus on very narrow roads.

Technically, a wheel chair shouldn't have a problem here.



Your greeted with big blue tents. Yes colorful, but who has the time to look?


A statue marks the center. There was a chicken family right near here.

Local Color

"Local color of French St Martin" - A very tight squeeze to get this. As it is I still have a shadow in it. I cloned out a security box.

Lovely Town

The house is nice, but what's with all the bars?

Eating place

Eating Place

There were some really cute painted signs. I like this one


Check out this place. It has a certain New Orleans feel, but other then that...

Grape Place

Painted Wall

Painted walls for that extra kick.


Another place to eat.

Where clowns eat

"Where Clowns Eat" - This was by far the most colorful one of the houses I've seen.

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