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Day 6 - Barbados - Bridgetown

Of all the islands, the most real was barbados. They had industry here, unlike the other islands which was setup for tourism only. I felt more are home here. It may just have been because they had normal looking trees, pine trees along with the palm. Mahogany trees lined the streets, it's a nice place.

If you can, try to move around there yourself. I saw some great shots that we just drove right on past. Empty beaches with little boats on the sand, would have loved to get that shot.

We dock in a loading yard. Full of cranes, train cars, and stuff like that. When you get off, your met by a bus (I have this picture twice, once in another section). You get into the bus, and it drives you to the drop off area. As this is industrial area they don't want to have people walk around here. Plus it's a long boring walk.

Visit a store, there is a pretty nice rum cake store. They have samples of all they have. Someone was giving out samples of some alcoholic drink elsewhere. You walk through and wait for your guide.

Everyone was now here, all 4 of us. 3 family, 1 stranger. The guy traveling with us was from Oklahoma. He says that he grows Orchids and want's to see Orchid World for that reason. We had a chance to talk, because we were waiting for a 5th person, but he never came, so we left. The van was brand new. It was the only new van I've been in, as the other's were cracked, and filthy. The driver wore a head set to speak, the other's always used a hand held microphone. You could hear her comments if she mumbled something.

We apparently were going to the Fisherpond House first. She took the wrong turn, and was about to turn the wrong way again, but we all saw the sign. She doesn't go that way all that often.

After the tour, we went back for lunch, then out again. Like all the other places, this is taxi wild, they flag you down. We chose to walk into town. We got tired very fast, as we have been walking many miles on this trip. Many a taxi came to tempt us, but we held our ground. Outside of the drop off, mall, area place. There is the ocean, and a lot of wind. This was the only island that it actually rained on us at all. It was light, but still annoying.

I took pictures of boats, waves, things like that. The buildings have color and character. There's a large board walk you can go on, makes travel easier. Keep your eyes open, I missed it by a second, a lady cutting up fish, on a rolling cart, with a machete.

There is a church building near by, several actually. I saw a large unknown bird, and a Poinsettia bush. Looks like a tall red bush, no flowers.

Also another note, there is a checkpoint that you have to pass when going back to the building. On the tour you flash your room card. And you do the same if you walk back.

The tour today was in the morning. This page shows what we did in the afternoon.

Entering Dockyard

We arrive. This dock is HUGE. It fit's boats all the way around. And they plan on either making another one, or making this one bigger.

Rainbow boats

Cool! A rainbow, and a double at that. It was rainy here, and because of that and the strong sun, rainbow's were seen almost everywhere.

Rainbow Dock

A better view of that dock, see that blue shape? That's a bus. It's just about city sized. I think this picture is too small now to see the people on the dock.

Terminal from boat

This is inside the drop off area. There's a map of the city found in the info area. It's pretty good. Free rum cake samples, and possibly free other samples, as we didn't go into all the stores.

Fish Lady

So close. She put down the machete before I could get a shot of it. I suppose I could have paid her a something and gotten another shot. It was raining a little when I took this. The whole area stinks of fish.

The local fruit market

In town, there are a couple of open air fruit markets. Shows the life around here.

Old city bar

"Old city bar" - A small bar on the street. And, umm, a native of the country, examines the local artwork.

Customs Building

Local Community

Many police dot this area. This building is the customs institute. The cops where snazzy outfits with a long red stripe down the leg.


A lot of the buildings here have an industrial look to them.


"Delivery" - Shot from across the street, with major perspective correction done, there are some nice commercial buildings. Provided that you wait for a break in traffic. I got lucky on this one.


On the board walk, there are some nice looking buildings. Each one a different color.


There are apparently many bars here. But each one has it's own charm.


Pink is still the most popular. It's hard not to get a car or a person in the shot. The people I don't mind as much, as they add placement and flavor to the scene.


A typical town shot.



I never got the name of this church.

Nelco Enterprises

"Nelco Enterprises" - Small colorful stores dot the area.

Oldest temple


This one is funny. Two islands claim they have the oldest Jewish Synagogue on this hemisphere. Now I guess you can say that I have the oldest pencil as well, provided that I change the center line of what I call the hemisphere. St. Thomas has an old temple, this is the other one.

Funny part is - they said old, they didn't say functioning. This place, well look at it. It's a dump. Yet hold's a security badge in front that it's protected. I can't imagine from what though. It's a little insulting to even say they have such a thing, when it's such a total lie.


This is another area you have to be careful of. Little or no sidewalks. Big gutters line the street. In town by the port, there are deep trenches you can fall into if your not careful. They are about 3' deep. These are shallow, but still in the way. You can see the sidewalk bridges, as a place to stand, when a car comes.

Youth Center

"Downtown Youth Center" - Ornate rail work

St Mary

St Mary

St. Mary's Church. It's a very modern looking building. Inside are graves, I saw a really big bird, and that poinsettia bush.

Bird Thing

I wish I knew what this thing was. It stands about 15" tall, and looks like that.


A few small houses outside the church.


Took this at the end of the day. That's why it's at the bottom of the page. This is from deck 13. Those are full sized train cars, stacked 4 high in some areas.

High up

Taken from deck 13. I used 50mm or so to match what you would see. We are pretty high up. On the ocean, it looks like nothing. Water has no scale. If you look close you should see the bus, and the entrance and exit ramps. It's the end of the day so they are getting back on. The van is full sized.

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