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Day 7 - Second Day at sea

Technically we should be in St. Lucia. But it's a New Years trip, and the island is closed. So I don't know if you will always see this or not, as it was never mentioned in the any of the review's I read.

The captain steered us to Montserrat, a dormant volcano. 2 nautical miles was the closest he was allowed to bet to it. Many of the houses are empty there. I got a few good shots, but was limited as we were fairly far away. The boat stopped there for about 20 minutes, and then we went back on track to San Juan.

The island of Montserrat

This is the island. I cleaned this up heavily. There was much haze. And even with a haze filter it didn't do much of anything. The water is not this dark.


This is what it looks like in Infrared. The brighter areas are mostly tree's and green stuff.


These are some of the houses I was able to pick up from where I was.

Big crack, small town

"Yikes my town!" - I was able to enhance this shot greatly. It shows a huge crack where a town once was. The color in the sky is left over noise, not a rainbow.

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