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The Wind Jammer

The Wind Jammer is the best place for food most of the time. Breakfast is the best time to go here. There are two stations that makes omelet, each guy makes 3 of them at once. You have a choice of 5 topping's - onions, peppers, mushrooms, ham, and cheese (mozzarella, or swiss). Though I never tried, I think if you handed him some bacon, he would fold that in as well.

Breakfast: You have sausage (pork, and beef), bacon (a little too crispy for me), pre-processed eggs, hash brown puck's, waffles, french toast, pancakes, a bunch of fruit, cereal, Danish (in 2 flavors), donut's (chocolate, white, and plain), muffins, and a handful of other things. There is a bread counter (toast, waffles, English Muffins, on the right side near where the omelet guy is). The other side has some other things. There is a carving station for ham. There is an area for jelly, honey, etc. Honey made a great method for swallowing my Bonine powder (I can't swallow pills). But this stuff is only out for breakfast, you have to hoard it for later. They also have fig's and stewed prunes. But be warned, the prunes have seeds, and they squirt. The squirt very much, very far. Put them in your mouth, spit out the seed. As I understand it the Lox is very, very good. Take as much as you want. I personally hate that salty, smoky pink blob, but my mother loves that stuff.

Plates are huge here, there are no trays, and you must get new silverware each time you go up. They take away everything on the table, and the sign states that's what you have to do.

Lunch: Was confusing, there wasn't a lot to choose from. Some days were better then other's though. The duck was very good. I didn't want to chance the spicy hot chicken. The sandwiches and wraps usually had weird combo's inside. Apparently I missed the one day they had Bacon sandwiches.

Dinner: I don't know much about dinner. I did walk in one day later at night. They had left over dinner there. Everything that was served and offered in the main dining room was here as well, except everything was in the troughs. I don't know about lobster night, I assume someone hands them out to everyone. And that 2003 desert, I have a feeling they didn't have that either. Or at least not in that form.

Desert, Lunch, Dinner: Always had a they always had a cake of some kind. Rice pudding, served warm with cinnamon. Their Pecan Pie was the best, very sticky, and tasty. I think it had a chocolate base. They had it twice, but I think if I asked someone it would have been there more. Someone asked about cookies - no chocolate chip cookies were there, from that point on it was. You can get as much cake as you want, there was usually at least one sugar free cake. And the night I went late for something sweet, all of it was sugar free, "I don't want something good for me", the lady behind me said. Most are tasteless when sugar free. There is an ice cream bar always open (provided the Wind Jammer is open). Vanilla, Chocolate, and Mix. Bowls, and cones.

Drinks, naturally a bar is there. In the morning, Water, Orange Juice, and Grape Fruit Juice. Lunch and other times: Water, Lemon-aid, and Tea (the bag kind in a glass). Coffee and tea were free as well, I think all day. There was a person later on in the trip, about the middle, who would go around refilling your drinks.

Around Wednesday or Thursday, servers there become very, very friendly. They are looking for bonus tips, we would have given one to someone too, but couldn't find him the last day.

The Wind Jammer is the best place to fill up your water bottles. Oh be sure to bring something to drink when your on the islands. I do think the water is safe for the most part on these islands. I know I didn't get sick from drinking it, but it's hot, and your not always near water. The room water is terrible, and the fridge in the room does not keep liquid cold. At first we used the free ice water they had at breakfast. I had a 100oz water bag that fit's in my backpack. I didn't wise up until later on. Cold water is best if you want to stay cool. Later on, about the last day actually, when we went exploring. The outside Wind Jammer has an ice machine and water dispenser (and other drinks). So I could have used this instead of dragging back a dozen glasses of water. Live and learn - so use this area to fill your bottles. There are pictures of the area on this page.

Something to note if you go there at lunch time. The basketball court is directly above this room. And you can clearly hear them play. The ceiling moves as well.


Isn't it pretty? Each table has a bar top finish, about 5/52" thick. Inlaid metal and high grain wood, make up these 6' tables. Each table has 6 chairs. There was almost always a table when we needed it. The chairs in here had arms as well. In reviews from the Voyager of the Seas, everyone remarked how cheap the chairs were. This was not the case, Vinyl rounded back chairs, comfy to sit in.

Sample Menu

Every day they had a brief menu of what was inside. Unless it was closed for cleaning, you never really looked at this sign.


I don't even remember where I found this one. This is a Sand Blasted Glass map of the Wind Jammer. You can see how space this place takes up. And the ratio of kitchen space it takes as well. Each flower shape is a 6 feet table with 6 chairs. The red things are food areas (a hollow space in the center for a server/carver. The big blue circles are just labels.


This is where the desert is found at all times except breakfast. They have fruit here most of the time too. The Arctic zone is where the ice cream is. Donut's can be found with the breads in the morning, but not on this table.


A closer look at the fruit, and watermelon sculptures that they have here.

Carving Station

See the guy with the tall hat? He's the guy who carves whatever meat they have today. This is also where a lot of the meat stuff is located. Each side has the same stuff, and there's a second table that serves the same thing twice as well. Basically you can have 4 lines being served at once getting the same stuff.

More Food

This is where you get soup and sandwiches.

Condiment Station

The condiment station is where you get your ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise. Push a button and it squirt's out. Tobasco, A1, and a few other things can be gotten here as well.

Hot Dogs

Lunch and beyond, you can get pizza here. I never had any, so I can't comment on that. The hot dogs are fair, but I've had better. A good staple to have, as there might not be anything for you to eat at lunch. The other side has a hamburger station. This is the only area that is not mirrored, food wise. In the morning, this is the area to get your eggs cooked up.

Bread Sculpture

They always have some kind of bread here. I wish I got a shot of the bread alligators, they were so cute. I have this windmill instead. Unfortunately, no matter how good the bread looks, it didn't taste good. The croissant looked great, but it had no flavor, and worse I could taste the baking powder in it.

Soup and Sandwhiches

A better view of the soup and sandwiches area.


This is the bar. On the sides you'll find the free drinks. The breakfast orange juice is the best to hydrate on, as it doesn't use the boat's water at all. It's from a box. But it does have it's pulp in it, I think they use Minute Maid. There are two of these bars as well.

Wind Jammer

Taken from my seat, This shows a center island, and the egg area.

Table Arrangements

Calmly decorated, and a lot of free tables.


This is what you'll see when you first walk in, this is just after the person greet's you a hello. This is looking back on that position.


This is one of the outside sections, towards the rear of the boat. To me this area looks more like an after thought, as it's not very decorated, compared to the rest of the boat. The chairs have a more bony look to them. But it does have to withstand the weather. I didn't check for salt spray on the seats. The whole boat is usually sticky with salt spray.


I never seen them serve food out here, but there is a table for it.

Drink Area

This is the area I wanted to show you. This is the place to fill your own drinks. It's outside, so there are very few people staring at you. And I never saw a line. There should be a station like this on both sides. The machine dispenses lemon-aid and a few other things I think. But this can only be found when the Wind Jammer is open.

Watermelon Sculptures

A pile of watermelon sculptures. Looks like the pre-make a bunch, then bring them out when needed. I assume they keep reusing them as long as they can. But then again all those boxes of watermelon I saw them load earlier, I can only assume that's what it's for.


They had a few food sculptures here. This one should be made of chocolate.

Choco Head

This is another chocolate creation. Though I didn't poke it, it looks like painted Styrofoam.


I got an interesting look when I shot this. I like the details here. One of the waiters gave me the strangest looks though, my guess is, he's seen people take pictures of the wood work. So shooting things like the table and details like this, confused him a bit. Guess it's a good thing he didn't see me take pictures of the men's room.

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